St. Catherine’s School Guildford, United Kingdom

St. Catherine’s School




St Catherine’s School’s new Anniversary Hall (celebrating the school’s 125th anniversary) is a multi-purpose, 650-seat auditorium that provides the school with an assembly space big enough for the entire school to be together for the first time in its history, and a state-of-the-art, fully-equipped theatre and concert venue.

Adjustable acoustical curtains and flown acoustical reflectors allow the room’s acoustics to be tailored to the programme, from musical and lyric theatre to ensemble and orchestral performances. Adjustable on stage acoustical panelling doubles as movable and retractable stage masking.  The theatre has modes that can make use of an orchestra pit, a flat-floor stage extension, and/or extra seating. A ‘black box’ drama space and a suite of music practice studios complete this extensive new sports and arts centre.

In addition to room acoustic design, SSD’s responsibilities on the project also included noise control of services and sound insulation.

Opened July 2011.