As one of the world’s leading theatre and acoustics consultants, Sound Space Vision provides communities with high-quality performance and unique gathering spaces that stimulate social activity, inspire creative communication, enhance expression, promote rapport, and delight the senses.

Gathering people together physically is fundamental to being human – to communicate and to have a sense of belonging. Shared experiences reflect our common humanity, and have the ability to transform lives. Sound Space Vision is a world leader in designing spaces that enable artists, educators, and communicators to do exceptional work, make impactful contributions, and raise the level of social and cultural discourse.

At Sound Space Vision, we speak the language of artists, audiences, building owners, architects, engineers, and educators and understand their needs and concerns. We bring this knowledge with us to the table, and specialise in guiding design teams through the wide-ranging, and sometimes disparate, issues that must be addressed to ensure design and acoustical excellence.

Details matter. And we pride ourselves that every space we originate is handcrafted and unique. Sound Space Vision offers visionary design and affordable, pragmatic solutions on every level of a project – from its relationship to the surrounding area, to the comfort and the disposition of patrons’ facilities within and around the building.

Sound Space Vision sees a world where the visceral and emotional power of the arts, education, dialogue, and collective experiences bring people together in harmony.