Imperial War Museum London, United Kingdom

Imperial War Museum




The Imperial War Museum, London, has a rich history providing for, and to encouraging, the study and understanding of the history of modern war and ‘wartime experience’.

The recent refurbishment  and  development  of  new  Holocaust  and  Second  World  War  Galleries  and  exhibitions  was undertaken alongside significant re-planning and refurbishment of surrounding spaces to create new conference, learning and research facilities.

The brief included significant acoustical contrast between the quiet,  contemplative,  holocaust gallery, and the  loud,  noisy,  interactive  second  world  war  gallery. This was accommodated using buffer spaces and partitioning was employed between them to provide sound isolation, whilst still allowing free movement of people.

The acoustical solutions have been incorporated discreetly, with acoustical plaster on absorbing ceiling rafts with integrated lighting and services.

This attention to acoustical quality extends not only to the gallery and exhibition spaces, but also to ancillary and hireable space too. For example, high quality conference rooms have been built, attractive to potential hirers with excellent conferencing facilities and speech intelligibility.