Gergiev Cultural Centre Vladikavkaz, Russia

Gergiev Cultural Centre




The New Cultural Centre in Vladikavkaz consists of a Philharmonic concert hall of 1200 seats, a chamber music hall of 300 seats, an open-air amphitheatre of 2000-3000 seats, a School of Excellence, and a Media Centre. It will be the main performing arts building in the town and, as such, needs to accommodate a range of performance types such as symphonic and choral concerts, chamber concerts, semi-staged operas, popular music, jazz, dance, live music with film and projections, stand-up comedy, ceremonies, and ballroom events.

The main challenge of this project is ensuring the flexibility of the space in the concert hall and the chamber music hall, both in terms of staging and of audience capacity. This includes the flexibility of stage location within the hall and retractable seating units.

AMPC and SSD collaborated to provide a concept design and scheme design for both halls which included their strategic layout, seating layout at each level, acoustics, sightline studies, technical planning, and equipment design to fulfill the acoustic philosophy for each space.

Theatre Computer Model - Sightlines Study
Concert Hall Physical Model