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UWC Dilijan College Dilijan, Armenia

UWC Dilijan College




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UWC Dilijan College welcomed its first intake of students in September 2014, as the first international boarding school in Armenia.

Located within the National Park of Dilijan, the new Performing Arts Centre will provide a leading concert space for orchestral performance, recitals, assemblies, and musicals. It will also serve as a host venue for regular music festivals in the region.

The Centre contains a 650-seat concert hall, 250-seat theatre, and 140-seat studio space, along with practice rooms, classrooms, music library, and recording studio.

The form of the concert hall has been inspired by Armenia’s natural history and geology, with finishes that utilise local volcanic materials.

Sound Space Vision has provided comprehensive theatre and acoustics consultancy on the project which is at the end of detailed design.

© Tim Flynn Architects
© Tim Flynn Architects