St. Andrew's Church © Greg Clark

Bradfield College Reading, United Kingdom

Bradfield College




St. Andrew's Church © Greg Clark

In 2012, Bradfield College commissioned AMPC to look at the feasibility of making full use of St. Andrew’s Church located adjacent to the school, and to propose complementary uses for the existing school chapel.

St. Andrew’s Church was built by Sir George Gilbert Scott to be a local parish church to the village of Bradfield at the height of the Victorian church movement. The College, also built by Scott in 1850, was designed to provide a continuous stream of choirboys for the church. Later in its history, the church and the school parted ways and the school built its own school chapel as its regular place of worship.

In recent years, the parish size has declined and the diocese has been interested in finding ways to maintain the church building and its use. One possibility was that the school should acquire it and build it into its future accommodation needs. The College asked us to consider the two buildings together and provide the school with gathering spaces for different activities including worship, assembly, performance and study.

Bradfield College © Greg Clark