Sonic Arts

Virtual Reality

SSV is the world leader in the use of acoustical modelling. We create 3D computer models of spaces, including geometry and finishes, and compute the propagation of sound within the models. The process includes sound reflections among the various boundary surfaces, generating geometry-specific reverberation, and is not unlike the rendering of 3D computer graphics with light and reflections.

Sound Space Vision also designs virtual sonic environments, and has developed several 3D sound studios and immersive environments, including our own in-house facility.

Find out more: Virtual Reality ReaCTor, University College London and Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen’s University, Belfast (acoustics on both designed by Bob Essert).

Our in-house Sound Space Studio is fitted out for auralisation, virtual reality, research, and presentation. Within this space we are able to demonstrate using a variety of different technologies the aural strengths of weaknesses of venues, either designed but not built via CATT Acoustic computer models, or existing venues in which we have been able to make acoustical measurements.

This enables us, and our clients, to fine tune designs or to establish the extent to which a proposed acoustical or architectural modification can improve an existing space by way of a direct, accurate, and repeatable audible soundscape.