SSV Refocus and Restructure


The Covid-19 pandemic has struck at the heart of what Sound Space Vision do, which is to envision gathering spaces for all activities especially the performing arts. However the virus has not undermined why we do what we do, which is to bring performers and audiences together in a transformative environment.

Sound Space Vision are refocussing our business to areas where we can help artists and producers reactivate performance, live and recorded. We have restructured the team to provide value, imagination and experience on ongoing projects. We will use our scientific skills for research enabling safe and financially viable performances in a ‘living with-Covid’ and ‘post-Covid’ era. 

We will do everything in our power and influence to maintain access to music, theatre, opera for all genres and all generations particularly those who cannot attend live performances and those who have not yet had the opportunity to experience the power of live performance due to their young age or lack of opportunity.  People should not  miss out on the joy of culture because of their age relative to the time of Corona. We will add our skills and experience to bring performance back to life. 

We cannot imagine a world without live music, song, dance, comedy and drama. The temporary silencing of orchestras, choirs, companies of actors and dancers and even church bells changes our cultural soundscape in a primal fundamental way. The closure of internal gathering space, whether for worship education or entertainment, strikes at the core of the building blocks of our cities. With so much of all cultures at stake, we have to turn our energies to revitalising these aspects of life.