Imagine Sound Limited


Working through the pandemic and coming out the other side we have found new strands of value in the music and acoustics world.  We offer our experience and expertise in our new company Imagine Sound Limited

We still hold the same mission of enhancing the power of performance and human communication as we have for many years as Sound Space Vision, Sound Space Design and Anne Minors Performance Consultants, and we are offering expertise in the following areas: 

– Psychoacoustics – research into hearing and listening in old age and in gathering spaces.

– Connecting musical performance and composition to locations and spaces.

– Brief development and advice on assembling a design team.

– Building update and optimisation to address changes in the arts market and performance requirements.

– Envisaging, inspiring, connecting room capabilities and performance opportunities.

– New developments in forms of music making.

– Coaching on visual aspects of performance.

– Continued Accessibility and Inclusivity of performance.

Our new website will be available soon.  In the meantime, contact us at