1 – Preparation

Site assessment and feasibility

Defining the project vision by identifying the range of uses to be undertaken and their needs

Preparing a brief and accommodation schedule (a list of rooms with area and adjacencies)

Establishing budgets

Master planning for phased developments

Business planning

2 – Concept Design

Setting out the form of the room

Advising on building wide planning for movement of people and equipment

Identifying positions for lighting, sound and communication equipment

Identifying the equipment loading on the structure

Electrical and mechanical requirements of the technical infrastructure

Relating design proposals to budgets

3 – Developed Design

Design and integration of rigging, lighting, sound and audiovisual equipment into the architecture, to suit the needs of the building

Developing system schematics and control systems

Preparing a Technical Masterplan of Equipment

Advising electrical engineers over routes, containment and power requirements

4 – Technical Design

Specifying infrastructure, control systems and loose equipment within budget

Producing clear drawings, schematics and schedules for specialist contractors

5 – Construction

Evaluating tenders to achieve best value for client

Reviewing contractor submittals and monitoring progress during construction

Witness testing

Acoustic tests

6 – Handover & In-use

Assisting with technical riders and box office plans

Planning for future events