Sound Space Vision advises on architectural and engineering solutions to control noise transmission between rooms, between outside and inside, and environmental noise and vibration from air, road, rail, and sub-way traffic.

While isolation for residential and education purposes is now well-integrated into the building control and regulatory framework, it is also a crucial aspect of the successful operation of a wide range of venues, from music practice spaces and home cinemas, to recording studios, pubs, clubs, and multiplex cinemas. SSV can provide advice at any stage of the process, from concept design through to detailing, construction, and commissioning measurement.

The acoustical quality of the external environment is as important for the neighbours of outdoor venues as it is for the interior design of an auditorium, to prevent disturbance above an acceptable level. We have the specialist equipment and expertise to perform environmental measurements and monitoring over the long- or short-term, for whatever purpose.

We follow a project through from design to construction with site visits at the appropriate times to check wall constructions, services penetrations, door and window installation, and special isolated box-in-box constructions.