We develop and plan soundscapes as part of overall urban planning or landscaping design. This includes envisioning and creating a sound environment to fit with an architectural vision.This may involve collaboration on building facade orientation and setting out to reduce traffic noise or chiller noise, to increase or decrease communication, or to create or modify the tonal character. This can be more creative than merely noise control.

We work with sound artists to explore focusing natural sounds or combine with electronic sounds, in outdoor and indoor, and public and private spaces. This holistic approach helps people feel a closer connection to each other and to their environment.

SoundSails™ – lightweight sound reflectors/absorbers

Sound Space Vision has developed an innovative new product we call SoundSails™. These specially designed fabric sails can be formed into many shapes, sizes, and arrangements, and are used to improve the acoustic locally in a space where size, shape or reverberant conditions are challenging the use of the space acoustically.

BeatBox™ – The Music Practice Solution

BeatBox™ is a containerised, sound-isolated pod. It is the perfect music practice or recording space for all types of musical instruments and bands. Sound Space Vision provides the acoustical expertise to ensure that the environment inside the space is suited for the intended use, and that no one outside will be disturbed by the sound level of the music inside!

Hearing Protection in Music and Theatre

We offer bespoke risk assessments as prescribed by the Control of Noise at Work Regulations and general advice on the issues surrounding workplace noise. Sound Space Vision has in-house experience of the regulations as they apply to the music and entertainment industry and can tailor our services to suit individual cases as necessary.